How Good Are You?

Stats Report

One of the things I always do at the end of the year is check PGA Tour website for statistics, especially those of my favorite players. I try to find out why certain players were successful and how they compared to the previous season. I also look into those who didn’t fare so well and try to find a correlation in their stats.

The process has allowed me as a teacher to help students focus on aspects of their game that are relevant. It’s easy to get carried away at this time of the year and set goals that are not realistic. To avoid frustration, it’s important that your goals are measurable.

Over the years, the PGA Tour has added quite a number of minor categories, some of which don’t make sense even to a numbers junkie like me. Below is a brief overview of the categories that most of us are familiar with. And because these stats can be measured easily, there’s no reason why you can’t keep track of your own game.

Do you have dreams of playing pro golf? See how you stack up against the best of the best.

Happy New Year!

2014 PGA TOUR stats


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