Veering away from golf for this one.

The pope is resigning. Shocking news to the Catholic world.

But I’m not Catholic, so the impact was a little different for me. The truth is I admire his decision to step down.

At least somebody knows when to call it quits.

In a world where people fight, manipulate and even cheat their way to the top…  where most people would do anything to protect their own interests… where quitting is considered weakness… it’s a breath of fresh air.

I dare not speculate about other possible factors that could have influenced the pope’s decision. We can only assume that he understands the repercussions. Who knows? Perhaps he might accomplish more with this single act  of humility than with all his duties combined.

I hope Manny Pacquiao is paying attention. I’m not a boxing fan. But I am a fan of Manny Pacquiao, especially after learning about his faith and his transformation. As a Filipino, I don’t know how he can bring any more pride to our nation than what he’s already brought. As a fellow athlete, I understand how hard it can be to stop doing something that has contributed much to your identity and self-worth for so long. As a coach however, I tend to agree with Freddie Roach that Pacquiao has lost his focus.

Can he concentrate on boxing again – and win – if he gives up his new passion or his responsibilities as a public servant? Bigger question may be…  can he ever put to rest the insinuations that his recent loss had something to do with his new beliefs… if he never fights again?

Perhaps at this point in his life, the answer shouldn’t matter anymore.

“Everything on earth has its own time and its own season”. (Ecclesiaste 3:1)

I hope the rest of us will have the wisdom to let go of whatever we need to let go when our time comes.


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